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Just send us the contact information for the client and we will follow up with them.  We use a team concept to provide a high level of service to the client. We want to build a foundation of trust between you and Hawaii Referral Agent so you feel confident sending all your real estate referrals to us. 


We have been in the industry for over 25 years. Our management and support team consists of the the top 3% of real estate professionals in the State of Hawaii. Our team will be sharing not only the wisdom and knowledge of a long track record of success but also the latest trends and technology.


What do I need to get started. An active real estate license in any state will allow you to receive referral fees. If you don't have a real estate license go to this website to for approved classroom and online real estate schools. Having your license with Hawaii Referral Agent will also cost you 100's of dollars less then with other brokerages.


When do I get paid my referral fees and how are they calculated.  Commission checks are mailed within 24 -48 hours of receiving them on a weekday. Commission are calculated...  

 $500,000.00 Sale Price

     $15,000.00 3% listing or buyer side commission

     $3,750.00 25% Referral Fee Referral Brokerage receives

     -$225.00  6% franchise fee

     $3,525.00 (less franchise fee)

     $2,467.50 Referral Agent Commission (70%)

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